Goofs and Gadflies

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Can the Internet send me to Vegas?

*EDIT* We didn't win. It was however a wonderful exercise and I am delighted to be surrounded by a wealth of kindness. please allow me to in turn repay such generosity.*EDIT*

Dear Readers,

If you have enjoyed reading my blog, and have a minute to spare, I need your help.

I want to go to Vegas and get married. The MIX is having a contest and I want to win.

Finally, I *want* something.

Here's how you can help: Call or email the mix and tell them that you think Ryan and Erin deserve to go to Vegas. If you can do this in a creative way, all the better. Whatever you can do to help, I will be grateful for your support. If I had the resources, I would marry Erin tomorrow, so this contest has given me a chance to dream. Even if I don't win, I will always be grateful to the MIX for that.

Here is what you have to do: Call the Mad Dog & Billie line at 416-323-5420 or e-mail and tell them why Erin and Ryan deserve a "Sweet Escape".

Here is the Letter!

Dear Mix,

I was eating dinner with my fiance last week and I said to her, "pass the pepper upon the left hand side". She replied, "Oh! You were listening to the MIX too!" You see, I work in Toronto and she lives in Hamilton. Until we are married in November, we are going to be living apart during the week. Whether it's a song by Snow Patrol or James Blunt, or some throwaway little radio bit, the MIX brings us together even though we live apart. She'll often call me during the day to ask me to put on the MIX so we can share a song. It's ironic that in the age of instant communication and crackberrys, its something so basic as a radio that cuts through the distance.

I proposed on Jan 13th, 2007. It was our one year anniversary. I asked her to wait until November for the wedding because I needed time to save some money.What's amazing about this contest is that she has been asking me to move up the wedding day so she can have a "hot" wedding instead of the November date we had picked. With any luck, you can help make this happen. When we first started dating, I could always hear her pulling into my driveway. "Rock Steady" would be blaring out the car stereo. She loves Gwen Stefani and will be dancing in the aisle at the concert at the ACC. I know that my Mom would approve of Mad Dog as a best man. A few years ago she wrote to him to get an autographed photo. He sent her a signed picture which sits framed in her reading room. And like my fiance, Billie is a hot blonde with a wild side.

Oh the stories we will tell...I want this so bad I can taste it. I want to give her a wedding to remember. I need to show her how lucky I am, because all of her friends keep telling her how lucky she is to have me. She is a great mother of two kids from a previous marriage and I am always thinking of ways to give her some downtime. We always said our first time in Vegas should be together, and I hope that you can help us make our dream of an early marriage come true. We promise to be loud and wild Canadians mixing it up with the Vegas crowd.

Thank you so much for giving me a chance to think about how much Erin means to me, and to dream of becoming the lucky winner who gets to hang with MadDog and Billie.