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Saturday, May 02, 2015

post post-modern dance

"Its never quite as much to do something, as it is to imagine it being done"- Me, 30 seconds before typing it here.

I have this connection to the world. I can't quite explain it in any way that makes literal sense. I didn't really understand this

Today was a "Me" day. The types of days well meaning people are always telling me to take. I spent most of the day either exercising my mind or working out my body. I am not one who considers the rote recitation of daily events to be of interest to anyone (including myself). It was a laundry list type of day. Leisure walk with coffee, clean my physical space, buy essential toiletries, hit the gym, grill up some BBQ for dinner, then end the day with a vigorous rollerblade around the neighbourhood. A day of vitality and renewal. The main difference was that for the most part of the day I kept my phone off and my chat clients on "away". - 2006 A Single Man with too much vanity and no real accomplishment. Nine Years Later. I have some grey hair. I have memories of real accomplishment. I buried my parents. I made a baby. I learned how to be a step-parent. I am no longer afraid to cry. I no longer cling to the notion of being cool. I am not a hipster, I am a carpooling goofy joke making lunchbag assembler. And maybe I no longer need the blog, my towel, my security blanket for this life trip.


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