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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Seasonal Tidings

I think it's a little late for spring cleaning, considering that summer has officially arrived with the May 2-4 long weekend. It is maybe one last attempt to put behind us the coming and going of another season. Spring, I mean you no disrespect, but you are the most difficult season to emerge from. How do we really know when we are through with you? The summer gives away gracefully into fall, and winter strides in confidently with its blustery sleeping grace. Spring settles in like a mist and gives a respite from the bitter cold. It sprouts the leaves and brings in the green. It teases cloyingly with heat, only to lash back with a frosty glare. Spring holds the secret of life. The moment of unstoppable evolution that, when put into a fast forward montage, resembles every sex-ed video ever shown around the world.

Patio time. Last night I spent time on a S-Bux patio in Uptown T-Dot. Sucking back a mint mocha, non-fat, light whip, nutmeg sprinkled latte with a few friends. Contagious laughter and sophomoric antics ensued. Nothing better to make a person feel younger than to do the things we did when we *were* young. It wouldn't be inaccurate to say that I am definitely taking a holiday from life these days. I have stopped worrying about the future and started to roll with each day as it comes. I think that happens when you have something in your life that makes you so happy that you can't think about the future. When the days are filled with such passion and calm that thinking about the future becomes a frivolous act. This is what defines contentment. Living in today with no sense of "I should be doing something else". Being in the only place I would want to be at that moment. I can enjoy a lost night in the city where nothing really happens.

So, I will spend the better part of a day cleaning out my personal closet. No, most of what comes out heads straight into the emotional receptacle and will not be seen here. Physically I will prepare myself for a summer of action and accomplishment. I will create an environment conducive to productivity. I will continue to shape into a mold of myself. A mold not of tangible value, but of psychic cohesion. I will be organized and nothing cyclical will surprise me. I will be prepared. I will be foot loose and fancy free.

I will continue to keep this blog devoid of actual content or commentary. This blog is my puppy. I will be content to let him lap at my face and lick his nuts. Hopefully in that order.


  • Darling... the stuff in bold? How do you figure?

    By Blogger Comrade Chicken, At 11:48 PM  

  • It seems everywhere I go, I'm inundated with opinions. I hear something about Belinda and Peter, or the Star Wars movie, or whether Ben and Jen are married. Of these things I care not. Never before have I been so disconnected to common culture. I feel insular and amused by things closer and more real to me.

    I see your point. There is some form of content here. But I'm not sure how relevant it is to anybody who is not me. I suppose its not for me to decide what the people reading this blog get out of it.

    Subconsciously it is my way of saying "don't expect too much from me here, and you certainly won't be dissapointed."

    By Blogger Rye, At 7:21 AM  

  • devoid of actual content or commentary... ok by me- though i imagine it'll still be a fantastic read

    By Anonymous steph, At 9:53 AM  

  • hey! this doesn't have anything to do with ur blog, but i read what you wrote in response to Julie Larson's blog on the RENT website, and I thought it was great when you said RENT taught you how to love, because its the same for me, it showed me a new way to live and love.
    anyway, enough cheesiness for today, goodbye forever i guess, since this is an anonymous blog. have a nice life, i hope u see RENT the movie.
    u should check out the RENT blogs on


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 9:07 PM  

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