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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Taking a Mental Holiday

Usually at this point in the day I would sit and reflect upon the week in my life. Try and make some meaning of the various interactions I've had over the previous seven days. Originally I had set out to write about respect today. It's such a powerfully laden word, a very heavy word with multiple uses. Respect is a mixture of consideration for past performance, a casual politness to people and property, and a solemn obligation to honor the past. Respect is related to perspective, how it is I'm not so sure, not having studied the eytomology of either word. But I get the feeling that respect is about how you consider or look at things in the world. You can show respect for property, people, places, conventions, and posted signs.

But that is for another week.

Perhaps its because the weather outside is delightful. Perhaps its because I had an amazing week personally. For whatever the reason, I am taking a mental holiday today. I'm very proud of what I have accomplised with this blog. It has helped me collect and organize some very disparate thoughts that clunk around in my noggin. It has allowed me to meet some very strange and lovely bedfellows. It is my channel to the world. I can't force myself to be thoughtful and urbane because I want to keep some self imposed schedule. I'll be back later this week when the mood strikes me. I really am having way too much fun with my life right now to even attempt to deconstruct a topical event or subject.



  • Well, I hope you enjoyed your day in the sun.
    We had rain, but my kids and husband made my Mom's Day a special one.
    You are a really wonderful writer. I don't know if I've already given this blog link to you or not, but I think you might enjoy this blog:

    By Blogger Jamie Dawn, At 7:17 PM  

  • What a lovely state of mind to be in...go play, sweetheart. Blogland aint goin nowheres.

    By Blogger Sandy, At 5:32 AM  

  • JD- I rather enjoyed that blog. What a fascinating perspective there.

    S- Thanks, My feet have landed and I am back on Planet Earth.

    By Blogger Rye, At 4:21 PM  

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